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Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Education. Opportunities. Future.

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation was founded as a charitable foundation in Switzerland in May 2008. We are an independent, charitable organisation which is committed to supporting and promoting children, teenagers and families in need all over the world in the field of education.

The guiding principle that governs our whole work is „Education. Opportunities. Future.”. We help people regardless of their cultural and ethnical background by providing future perspectives through education. Our work is based on the UN Children’s Rights Convention 1989 which is committed to making education available to all people.

Since the establishment of the Foundation we have implemented more than 30 education and aid projects in 18 countries along with our partners. The main focus is on more than 6,000 children, teenagers and families who have received our help.

Every purchase made by the Lyoness Community counts

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation finances its projects through the internationally active Lyoness shopping community. Every Member actively contributes to the completion of the projects with every purchase they make. In addition, our work is supported by educational sponsorships and donations. The generated money is used entirely for implementing and supporting social projects. The administrative effort is paid for by the Lyoness group.

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation is based in Buchs (Switzerland), from where the board operates.

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